I met a young Kurdish couple on the flight back to Taiwan. They are very friendly and helpful -- just like many of the Muslims I met (I worked as an area manager in a company and took charge of Middle Eastern market and European market, so I used to travel in those areas). The wife was born in a refugee camp in Iran, then she and her family moved to Denmark. She got education there and becomes a doctor. The husband moved to Denmark when he was 14. He runs a company now. They love traveling and learn different cultures. We talked quite much, and we both agree that terrorism has nothing to do with religion -- it just uses the name of religion. Those who don't get much education, has low income or just full around are brain-washed easily. What those terrorists do has seriously against Koran's original meaning.

It's nice to help those who are in needs, but it'll turn bad when it's beyond your ability. When there are too many of them, it's impossible to offer them proper help. They will start causing trouble, feeling discriminated, and even brain-washed by some extreme groups.Then the original dwellers will be unhappy about those new immigrates. Conflict comes with it. Any little thing could be amplified. The consequence could threaten many people's safety.

Make sure that you have the ability before saving a drowning man. Otherwise you might get drowned too.



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