I think the coolest roll in American Sniper is Mustafa .... (and the most good looking character ) If Chris is a legend, Mustafa must be a legend of legend. Even though he only showed up for a few minutes in the movie, he made me think much more than others. 
Chris fought for his belief, Mustafa is the same, and he even didn't fight for his own country. Same as Chris, he also has family. Without assistant and advanced weapons, he still fought bravely and took those invaders' life... 
That's war -- there isn't any true justice

美國狙擊手電影當中,Mustafa 應該是最酷最帥的角色了吧!! 如果 Chris 是傳奇,穆斯塔法就是傳奇中的傳奇如同主角 Chris,他也有家庭有孩子,但是他還是毅然決然地參戰,為的甚至不是自己的國家。沒有助手,沒有先進精良的武器,他隻身勇敢狙擊入侵的敵人...
這就是戰爭 -- 沒有所謂真正的正義


Actually I think Lone Survivor , Black Hawk Down are better than American Sniper. I got gåshud sometimes when watching some scenes in American Sniper(LOL)
War is always cruel -- no matter to any side. 
Terrorism is bad and unwise. It makes more people loathe them.... but who caused it? It's an interesting question.



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